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Discover El Salvador EST. 2010

We've been promoting Salvadoran products and exporting them to the world since 2010. Drink Salvadoran Coffee, one of the best in the world. Purchase Salvadoran handcrafts, dyed clothes, organics from El Salvador. Discover the art from La Palma, El Salvador. Purchase organic materials made by local Salvadoran natives.

Drink Salvadoran coffee, try it. Salvadoran Coffee has a great reputation worldwide, its sweetness, body and acidity of its beans are unique. Amazing taste and Aroma. The Salvadoran Coffee is constantly served in Barista contests, exclusive coffee shops , and in coffee machines all over the world.

Indigo or Maya Blue is also an important product of El Salvador. The study of indigo constitutes one of the legacies of our high indigenous cultures to the world civilization. Indigo dye played an important role in the political and social development of El Salvador before and after the first Europeans arrived.

Buy Salvadoran Products

Cafe Ataco Gourmet

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Gourmet Coffee grown and produced in Ruta de las Flores, El Salvador

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Cafe La Cubana

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Great coffee, 100% Arabica, grown in the volcanic mountains of El Salvador

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Coffee Gold Export

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Coffee Gold Export brand. Its a high quality coffee, shade grown beans.

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Indigo dyed Clothes

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Clothes tinted in blue indigo. Traditional salvadoran style.

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Salvadoran Art

In Stock / Shipping Available

Salvadorean hand-made art. Handcrafts and paintings from El Salvador.

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Organic Products

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Purchase Salvadorean Organic Products, Petates, Morro bowls

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We ship within 1 business day. We use International Shipping, shipping service available only to USA and Canada at the moment. It takes around 15-20 days to receive the package. Shipped from El Salvador.

At the moment, we accept payment by Paypal only. All the products you buy are made by Salvadoran hands. Support the Salvadoran local business!