El Salvador's Best Coffee, 3 Bag Sample

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El Salvador has dedicated to the production of high quality coffee for almost 200 years. Try this sample of 3 different Salvadoran brands of the Best Coffee in the country. Salvadoran coffee is considered one of the best coffees in the world. Try these 3 different local brands. Shipped directly from El Salvador. This is a box of 3 bags of different brands. 3 pounds (1.4 Kilos) of the best Coffee produced in El Salvador. Ataco Gourmet Coffee is grown near Concepcion de Ataco, the most important town in Ruta de las Flores, managed by a 4th generation of coffee growers. La Cubana is a specialty Salvadoran coffee, also grown in Ruta de las Flores area and Gold Export Gourmet Coffee is a blend of different regions in the country, mostly located around the San Salvador Volcano. Coffee has been El Salvador's main product since the 1850s until now. The uniqueness of Salvadoran coffee is its volcanic soil mixed with the breeze of the Pacific Ocean. The best coffees in the country are grown at an altitude of aprox 1300 mts(4000 ft) above sea level. Deliver time to California, USA is approx. 8 days. We ship it the same day if possible. Directly from El Salvador.

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