El Salvador Gourmet Coffee Beans - Rainforest Alliance Certified

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El Salvador has dedicated to the production of high quality coffee for almost 200 years. This is a variety called Pacamara, arguably the best coffee in the whole country. Its grown at an altitude of approx 6000ft above sea level, in mountains that used to be volcanoes thousands of years ago. The rich soil combined with the altitude and the breeze from the Pacific Ocean make this a high quality coffee. Drink Salvadoran Coffee, try the Pacamara Coffee grown in the Ruta de Las Flores region in El Salvador. This is a bag of 340g of gourmet coffee beans, shipped from El Salvador. Estimated time of delivery is 15 days. We ship it the same day if possible. Directly from El Salvador.

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Shipped within 1 business day from El Salvador, Central America.

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